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Radware Introduces New Cybersecurity Partner Program

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, introduced a new Radware Cybersecurity Partner Program.

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A Conversation with Mark Houpt, CISO of Radware Partner DataBank

One of the many benefits that comes from working at Radware is the opportunity to work with cybersecurity professionals whose empirical experience protecting organizations from cyber threats and attacks presents a treasure trove of insightful and highly useful information. Mark A. Houpt, the CISO of data center provider and longtime Radware partner DataBank Holdings, Ltd. (DataBank), is a perfect example.

Software Supply Chain Risks for Low- and No-Code Application Development

Supply chain attacks occur when a third-party vendor or partner with less robust security measures is breached, allowing attackers to indirectly gain access to an organization. This can happen through backdoors planted in software updates, as seen in incidents like SolarWinds and Kaseya. New architectures such as multi-cloud and microservices have made consistent security controls […]

Radware’s New Partners Program Focuses on Cloud Business and Accelerates Incentives

A partner program is measured by how beneficial it is for both parties. Beneficial is the perfect word to describe Radware’s upgraded, greatly enhanced partner program. To ensure Radware continues to surpass competitors’ partner programs, we have revamped ours with a focus on cloud business. Also, we added many attractive benefits for partners committed to […]

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Chinese threat group 8220 Gang targeting cloud

Cybersecurity firm Radware last week issued a threat advisory warning that a China-based cybercrime gang known as 8220 has deployed a custom-built crypto miner and IRC bot to attack cloud providers and poorly secured applications.

8220 Gang

The 8220 Gang, a Chinese threat actor that is known for targeting and compromising poorly secured cloud servers with crypto-miners and IRC bots, is now heavily targeting Redis database servers.

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