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Radware Provides DDoS Protection and Application Delivery Services for National Telecom Public Company Limited

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced that National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) has chosen Radware to increase the cyber defenses surrounding its international telecommunications infrastructure.

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Radware Mitigates 1.1Tbps DDoS Attack

As more businesses migrate critical resources and applications to the public cloud, attackers are adapting their tactics and techniques to match the scale of public cloud providers. Last week, this trend played out as reality for one of the world’s largest service providers when it was hit by a 1.1 Tbps DDoS attack (Figure 1) […]

If You Can Answer These Questions, You Have Good Application Visibility

Managing applications as well as the network and compute infrastructure around them used to be easy. Everything sat in a private datacenter and there weren’t that many applications to begin with. But with the adoption of the hybrid cloud, applications now run in multiple private and public cloud environments managed by different teams and tools. […]

How a European Electronics Retailer Ended the Bot Menace on its Portal

It’s May 2020 and a large European electronic goods retailer realizes its bot problem is going from bad to worse. In a single week, its online store is hit with eight million bot visits to systematically scrape pricing and product information without authorization — not to mention 53,000 customer account takeover attempts, 136,000 denial of […]

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Secret CISO: Howard Taylor

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? According to Howard Taylor, Radware's CISO, “Maintaining balance! … The CISO must evaluate objectives and define ways to bring harmony to the chaos.”

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